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Why Your Solar is Now 'Smart'


Nov 7, 2018 10:23:45 PM / by naak


Congratulation! You now have smart solar!

You may not have realized how much was possible now that you have naak. You can save more on your energy bill, lessen your carbon footprint, and make running your home simpler.

This is because your solar system is now 'smart' - it reveals both your home’s energy consumption and its solar energy production.

Smart solar goes beyond monitoring – it provides control and shows ‘the big picture view’ of your energy consumption patterns and habits. Currently, only a small percentage of American households with solar systems are equipped with this ‘smart’ technology so you're way ahead of the curve.

You have insights that maximize the value of your solar

The typical solar household will usually sell more than 50% of the solar energy it produces back to the grid! However, you're able to use that energy instead to significantly increase the value of the energy generated by your PV system. 

You can do this because you know what your solar is actually doing. So you are able to take action.

Solar without monitoring and control is like driving blind

Did you know that 25% of solar system owners state that they have had problems with their systems, according to surveys done in both the UK and Australia? The main reason for this is that the majority of households with solar around the world lack any insights into their household energy consumption patterns or solar energy production.

Owning a PV system that lacks monitoring and control capabilities is like owning a car with no dashboard, steering wheel, or windows. Without monitoring, the most you can do is assume that your solar system is working correctly, only finding out what's really happening when your next electric bill comes in the mail. Without control it's impossible for you to take action to maximize the value of your solar energy.

What is smart solar?

Typically, the word ‘smart’ is used to describe any device that is responsive and connected, able to communicate over the Internet. It usually refers to some ordinary electronic device, like a phone or a washing machine, that has been amped up with smart tech.

However, you can now optimize the usage of the smart devices in your home by controlling them remotely via your computer or smart phone. With naak you can turn on your heat before you come home or switch off the lights or a pool pump when they’re not needed.

Three capabilities your smart solar system gives you:

  1. The ability to monitor solar energy production and performance from anywhere that has Internet or mobile phone access;
  2. The power to control devices in your home so that you can optimize the value of the solar energy produced; and
  3. Complete access to visibility and insights into your energy production and consumption that allow you to simultaneously lower your energy consumption and maximize the value of your solar investment.

Smart solar does not always mean a monitoring & energy management system

Solar needs the right software and the right equipment to be smart. It doesn't come that way by default.

So what exactly has transformed your ordinary PV system into a smart one? naak's synthesis between a solar monitoring system and a home energy management system. Because neither of these makes a solar system smart on its own.

An off-the-shelf solar monitoring system is easy to get. It gives you data about how much energy your solar system is producing – but no insight into your energy consumption. Plus, it tends to lack the power to ‘control’ your energy usage.

Conversely, a home energy management system (i.e. Apple Home) will usually give you control over your household devices. But it won't give you information about your solar system's production, nor data about how to improve your home’s overall energy efficiency - like insights about how to maximize your solar usage or reduce your overall energy consumption.

In theory you could have installed a solar monitoring system alongside a home energy management system to try to magically generate ‘smart solar’, but the results would have been unwieldy and limited. You'd have found yourself constantly toggling between different apps or platforms in at attempt to cobble together some understanding about your energy usage habits and how they lined up with your solar production.

You've taken the first step towards real action that will lower your electricity bill because you can now understand your energy use habits. And that is because your solar production, energy consumption and control panels are all in one place, in a single platform.

your all-in-one platform

By making your solar system smarter in an all-in-one package, naak has married the visibility of a solar monitoring system to the control and insights of an energy management system. This perfect synergy means that naak is able to make suggestions for you – based on your consumption habits. It also means that you can now quickly and easily improve your energy consumption patterns and fully take advantage of your solar energy production.

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Written by naak

naak is an Energy Cloud Platform delivering on-demand control of the energy in a home or business. naak is powered by carbonTRACK’s Smart Hub technology and integrates with IoT Smart Home devices, energy storage and solar, allowing you to monitor, hierarchically control and optimize your energy use from the palm of your hand. Subscribe to naak and access a marketplace of additional services such as API Access, Demand Response and Virtual Power Plant capabilities to maximize your ROI and control your energy future.


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