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Learn the Difference Between 'Smart' and Your Intelligent Energy Management Platform


Nov 7, 2018 8:56:02 PM / by naak

bigstock--203349361Now that you've joined the naak energy cloud platform you may not be aware that there's a world of difference between smart and intelligent energy management. In fact, your home or business may have a host of 'smart' devices that just don't have enough intelligence to manage your energy usage effectively! 

Here's a look at why smart is distinct from intelligent.

Smart devices that aren't all that smart

When you consider the devices in your house it may be that more than just your phone is 'smart.' Your washing machine, HVAC unit, and fridge might also be smart. While the term ‘smart’ is largely applied to phones, it now means almost any device with a connection to the Internet that allows it to be managed from far away. 

Of course, this is incredibly convenient. You're able to remotely control almost any of the devices plugged into the wall. Forgot to turn the heat off? Use your app to switch it off. Want your house at the perfect temperature when you return from work? Get your AC running in advance and set the temperature from your phone.

This is the ‘smart home’ - a house with a number of smart devices, often orchestrated by an energy management platform.

So typically, people think of a smart home as the ability to have control over the devices in your house, in person and remotely. But in this case, smart does not mean 'intelligent.' 

Traditionally, ‘smart’ is defined as ‘able to solve problems easily.’ This description can't really be used to refer to an AC unit that can be turned off remotely. Although a group of smart devices in a home may nominally qualify as a ‘smart home,' when it comes to sheer brain power, it's pretty limited.

Your home with a brain: The importance of intelligence

This is the reason why it's so important to draw a clear line between ‘smart’ and ‘intelligent.’

Although the typical smart home provides convenience and energy management, your naak network goes further by allowing you to automate the way your devices operate based on your individual needs and circumstances.

The carbonTRACK Smart Hub that powers naak is much more than a box containing switches and timers. The ‘neural network’ (a kind of AI) it possesses is so advanced it can make decisions on your behalf. And it can do this with many of the smart devices in your home.

This neural network uses a range of relevant information like your utility rate tariff, behaviors and habits, which connected and controllable devices you have, resources such as solar or battery storage and even the weather forecast to figure out the most effective way to manage your energy.

Most energy management systems are designed to monitor your energy consumption and track solar production in your home. But only naak is able to understand and account for the larger picture concerning your energy consumption and generation patterns. As a result naak is able to take actions and make recommendations that have your home operating at peak energy efficiency. Above all, the network is designed to do this without inconveniencing you in your daily life.

Intelligence like this is already available in your home or business, whether it has solar or energy storage or if you decide to add them in the future.


Advanced and accessible

The naak energy cloud platform is easy to use and completely flexible. If you want to 'set and forget' it you can set it up to function without any additional actions from you.

Alternatively, if you want to delve deeply into the world of monitoring and controlling your energy production and consumption you can do so. This could mean setting parameters for how your home functions or manually controlling specific devices.

So you can determine your level of involvement with the platform, whether you're a hobbyist or just someone interested in intelligent energy management of your home.

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Written by naak

naak is an Energy Cloud Platform delivering on-demand control of the energy in a home or business. naak is powered by carbonTRACK’s Smart Hub technology and integrates with IoT Smart Home devices, energy storage and solar, allowing you to monitor, hierarchically control and optimize your energy use from the palm of your hand. Subscribe to naak and access a marketplace of additional services such as API Access, Demand Response and Virtual Power Plant capabilities to maximize your ROI and control your energy future.


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