How It Works

how it works

naak is an energy cloud platform that gives homes and businesses control over their electricity. It features the carbonTRACK Smart Hub which captures onsite energy interval data and transmits to the naak Energy Cloud every 15 minutes via its reliable 4G cellular modem. This information can then be accessed remotely via the naak web dashboard or naak app.

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Residential Installer

naak residential installer

Your solar powered by naak is unbeatable! The naak energy cloud platform gives you control over your electricity and connects you to a new Cloud Economy of energy services, resources, and opportunities.

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Channel Partners Guide

channel partner tier and pricing overview

What if you could see, control, optimize and manage everything behind the meter? Leverage the power of circuit level control and actionable data. With disruption comes opportunity. Blockchain, IoT, AI, machine learning and energy storage, are disruptive technologies naak places firmly in your grasp empowering your customers and your business.

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Intaller Training

naak installer training

naak’s online Installer Training accreditation is mandatory for all naak employed electricians and sub-contractors. As a certified installer you will be provided with a unique login for the Commissioning Facility which will allow you to install and commission naak products.

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Sell and install the award-winning products that are making homes and
businesses around the world more intelligent.

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