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Value Creation Device 

control is the naak difference

If you had control over what consumes energy in your home or business, do you think you could save more? How do your solar quotes compare now? Work with a certified naak channel partner and your solar will be unbeatable.

solar circuit

Want to charge your EV or run your pool pump with your solar? Connect them to our dedicated Solar Circuit and it will ensure that you consume your solar the way you choose. Who else offers that?

reliable, real-time data collection

The Smart Hub collects data about how much energy your home or business is consuming, and makes it available for viewing every 15 minutes. Break down your energy to a circuit-level and individual appliance level with smart plugs.

security & system alerts

Utilizing a secure cellular connection it sends this information to your web dashboard and app so it's available for viewing anytime you want. Customize alerts that give you peace of mind.

solar & battery maximization

When the power goes out, know you are absolutely prepared. By monitoring your solar panels and batteries, you are able to see discharge periods, battery capacity, and charge rates. Knowledge is power, literally in this case!


smart plug

slay vampire power suckers

Smart Plugs allow you to control whatever is plugged into them and eliminate vampire power. Turn them on or off from your trusty mobile device. 

control your appliances remotely

With your appliances connected, you can turn them on remotely or automate them to turn on when electric costs are low.

wanna get away without the worry?

Plug your lamps into a smart plug before you leave. Setting it to "away mode" will turn them on and off and make it look like someone is home.

locate energy gluttons

Plug one appliance after another into the smart plug and see how much energy it eats. This information makes deciding between replacing or servicing your aging appliances simple.


dashboard & app

universal remote for your home 

Ever needed to unlock the door for a guest or set the thermostat to the perfect temp for when they arrive? Turn them on and off from anywhere.

Tired of appliances like the pool pump eating electricity for no reason? Control them by setting up automatic schedules and never worry about it again.

axe bill shock

Access your energy usage through your desktop or smartphone. No more waiting for your utility bill when it’s already too late to do anything about it. Know your energy spend at any time, set budgets, and be notified when you’re going over.

safety first

Know your home is secure when you're out or asleep – you’ll always have total peace of mind. naak will alert you immediately if there is an emergency like a fire or an intrusion by triggering your phone.


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