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What it does:

Smart Home

give your home a brain

naak makes it easy to be the most sustainable and efficient house on the block. Schedule your appliances to turn on automatically when electricity costs are low or control them remotely from your mobile device. Experience the convenience of a smart home. 

on-demand control

naak’s app allows its users to turn appliances on and off, set custom schedules, and access reports from any smartphone or tablet 24/7.

energy that works for you

Do you have solar, a battery, or an electric vehicle? naak will manage and optimize it all giving you the peace of mind you deserve. By creating a unique energy map integrating your historic energy use, the weather, your rate tariff, solar and or a battery,  it orchestrates it all automatically!

protect your solar investment

Make sure your solar investment is future ready with the ability to respond to changing utility rates and the rapidly evolving energy market. You can count on naak to inform you of actionable changes to further optimize your energy and bring new energy saving opportunities to your attention.


Future proof your home or business


What it does:

Solar Optimization

see the power of solar

naak not only shows you how much your solar panels are producing but also how much energy you’re consuming and sending back to the grid.

manage the sun

Never waste another ray by sending it into the grid. naak can automatically turn on a connected appliance to use energy at its cheapest or store that power for later by sending it in your batteries.

real time data and access

Wonder no more what your solar system is doing. naak will send you alerts if there is something wrong. Have your coffee and rest easy knowing you have a direct line to your energy system.

real time data driven savings

Minute by minute you can see how much energy you are consuming and how much money your solar is saving you.


What it does:

Battery Management

manage your energy savings account

Set up naak to automatically deposit or withdraw from your solar savings stored in your battery so you save as much as possible.

sell or store, your choice

Market allowing, naak can sell or export your extra solar energy to the grid when it’s worth the most. Or choose to store it in your batteries for a rainy day.

back to the future of energy

The future of energy is clean, resilient, and decentralized. Buy, sell, trade to your neighbors and fellow businesses all from your smartphone. naak  provides a smooth passage through the space time continuum.

off grid, what grid?

Solar + Batteries will play a major role in meeting the energy needs in homes and businesses. naak gives you control and optimizes your energy resources if you happen to be on grid or off grid.


What it does:

The Energy Cloud Network

access from anywhere

Getting the details about your system is as easy as pulling out your smartphone or tablet and accessing the app.

get nitty, get gritty

Want to know how much energy you use on a weekend versus a weekday? Details about energy usage by the day, per device, are available at anytime. Collect the data you need to make the best energy decisions.

right size and protect your energy investment

Clean energy is the future of energy. naak can help you determine what size your solar and battery system should be to fit your needs.

your solar powered by naak is unbeatable

Energy rates and policies are always in flux and having a static solar system won’t help your wallet.  naak is built to future ready your investment by adapting and automatically optimizing as your habits and market conditions change.


naak is an energy cloud network that gives you control of your electricity.

It all starts with the carbonTRACK Smart Hub:

The carbonTRACK Smart Hub device has the ability to land up to four current clamps. Each of these current clamps are attached around select wires in an electrical panel and have the ability to measure active power, reactive power, and power factor in all phases. These values can be measured for both grid energy consumption, solar energy production, solar energy consumption, and solar energy export.

The carbonTRACK Smart Hub device controls and automates onsite circuits or appliances. The Smart Hub features three onboard relays which can be connected to a circuit in the electrical panel and controlled remotely through the naak app or set up on an automated schedule to optimize energy use and increase the ROI for solar and other improvements.

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