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an intelligent energy management platform 

to drive business growth and give customers control 


Powered by the hardware agnostic carbonTRACK Smart Hub, naak captures onsite energy interval data and transmits it to the cloud every 15 minutes via its reliable cellular modem. This information can then be accessed remotely via the naak app or web dashboard.

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The Smart Hub device has the ability to land up to four current clamps able to measure active power, reactive power, and power factor in all phases. These values are measured for grid energy consumption, solar energy production, solar energy consumption, and solar energy export.

CarbonTrack Smart Hub

The Smart Hub device controls and automates up to three onsite circuits by connecting them to onboard relays. Circuit level control is now in the palm of your hand via the naak app and can be set up on automated schedules to optimize energy use and maximize ROI.


The Smart Hub has the ability to monitor and control the inverter of a solar electric production system in addition to a battery energy storage system. Key energy management algorithms supporting custom Time of Use schedules are included out of the box.

smart home

The Smart Hub can control and manage a mesh network of ZigBee enabled Smart Plugs wirelessly. For additional control and functionality pair your EV, smart devices and voice assistant to naak. Then, sit back and enjoy the automated optimization of your home. 

Energy Management & Internet of Things

Adam Boucher

A new energy economy is emerging, and it’s disrupting the status quo of the last 100 years. Electricity is rapidly becoming decentralized, bidirectional and customer-centric. The problem is most solar on the market has antiquated technology. It's time to plug in and take control of your energy future. 

Adam Boucher - CEO

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Learn how you can build intelligent and innovative home energy, solar system and storage solutions with naak.

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