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Industry disruption is predictable and with it comes opportunity, a call to action to lead in the new. Blockchain, IoT, AI, machine learning and energy storage, are disruptive technologies naak places firmly in your grasp to empower your customers, your business and your family.

your solar powered by naak is unbeatable

leverage the power of circuit level control and actionable data 

What if you could see, control, optimize and manage everything behind the meter?

Could you...

  • create new revenue streams?
  • differentiate your service offering?
  • improve customer service, acquisition and retention?
  • re-engage and up-sell previous customers?
  • increase system production and reduce operating costs? 

channel partner benifits

  • manage assets under one centralized fleet view dashboard
  • cost effective and hardware agnostic Smart Hub solution
  • automated and customizable alerts and notifications - only focus on what needs attention
  • investment grade metering data transmitted via reliable cellular communications
  • remote monitoring for net energy use, hardware performance and maintenance data
  • data analytics engine, custom reports
  • co-branding, co-marketing, customer leads and referrals 
  • future ready integration - energy storage management, supply-side device level switching and more

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solar & battery companies


don't we all need a brain?

With Time Of Use (TOU) rates gutting the value of solar, storage may be the answer. Yet both solar and storage are no use without a brain. naak is the brain, the complete energy management solution you've been looking for.

our business differentiates your brand

naak's circuit level control capabilities are game changing for solar and storage system design. Maximize your competitive advantage and customer ROI while making any home or business future ready. 

build customer relationships that last

Customers don’t want to hear from a “one call close” salesman. What they want is a trusted adviser. naak provides you the data you need to design a solution based on their specific energy fingerprint, making earning their trust simple.

design the solution that works best

Don't limit your equipment selection by who offers built in monitoring or battery control. naak is hardware agnostic, giving you the freedom to work with your preferred vendors  

ongoing client engagement

Our co-branded dashboard and marketing opportunities keeps you front of mind as your client's trusted adviser

increase your Customer Lifetime Value

As a channel partner, all your customers are linked to you. We will work with you to provide ongoing customer engagement, implement new revenue opportunities and increase your Customer Lifetime Value. Both old and new systems can benefit from naak's hardware agnostic and is easy to install Smart Hub. Reengage existing customers and create retrofit opportunities. 

transparency creates trust

naak offers regular bi-monthly energy report cards to customers. Having this transparency creates confidence in their solar and battery investment which translates into an increased trust in the company that installed the systems.

Should an alert go off informing you of a system failure, take the opportunity to provide better service or perhaps even address the situation remotely saving you time and your reputation. Great time to ask for a referral as well! 

utility Companies


energy on demand

naak’s real-time communication, control, intra-grid and microgrid capabilities allows utilities and customers to optimize energy resources instantly. The carbonTRACK Smart Hub is a certified Demand Response Enabled Device. 

educate your customers

naak transforms your customers’ homes with smart tech that will help them automate everything from their hot water system to their HVAC. This engagement will help create an educated customer base motivated to participate in energy management, production and efficiency programs.

trust through transparency

naak provides bi-monthly power updates that allows customers to not only see their bill in advance but also to understand the rates they are being charged. Having this transparency creates trust since the customers will avoid bill shock and be empowered to make better choices.

peaks and valleys

Leverage distributed generation and energy storage resources to more efficiently manage the grid. Equipping your customers with naak will allow them to use stored electricity during peak hours, give you real-time visibility into distributed generation resources, and design more effective load shifting or demand response programs which takes strain off the grid, and your plant engineers.

incentivize new behaviors

Using naak’s real-time updates, personalized energy goals, and automatic scheduling your customers can engage in how their home works while increasing energy efficiency that lessens the stress on their wallets.

bring value to the table

Technology updates constantly and will improve upon the previous model year. Be ready to offer these updates to your customers and don’t worry about brands as naak is hardwired to be an agnostic platform. No matter what meter or smart product your customer uses, their home will be connected.

energy efficiency consultants


same awesome service, new shiny box

naak gives you access to data insights so you can find the best opportunities to improve efficiency and validate your results.

control your sites from one spot

naak’s energy cloud allows you to see all of your data in one place, no matter how many sites you oversee. Utilizing the naak dashboard you can see an individual site or have those sites be combined in our fleet view. Allowing you to test new energy saving equipment and strategies out before rolling it out wide.

let the data do the talking

Convincing developers and building managers of the benefits of efficiency upgrades can be an uphill battle. Change the conversation by using naak and the data it can supply to support your recommendations. Produce detailed energy reports easily and show why energy efficiency matters.

details without the price tag

naak’s ability to capture granular circuit level data and create detailed reports allows building managers and energy efficiency consultants to make informed decisions. naak is low cost, simple to use, and highly customizable so it can work just about anywhere.

the next tier of service

You don’t have to wait for monthly or quarterly billing information to know how your client is tracking. Better yet, set an automated alert to tell you if something is not performing to spec rather than wasting time pulling reports to confirm all is in order. naak enables you to provides a level of customer service that is unparalleled.

be flexible

naak can track data for power factor (PF), temperature, Kilowatt Hours (kWh), and numerous other measurements of energy. It also provides open API access to this data so it can be integrated into any existing software.

simple maintenance

Keeping all components in an easy to use box, you can quickly dive into any problem and share the data with the right people using naak. Troubleshoot from the app and avoid the traffic altogether depending on the problem.

support every step of the way

When we partner with a company we want to make sure they have everything they need to succeed. This is why we have an in-depth training program for new channel partners and if help is needed in the field all you have to do is call.

super scalability

naak can be deployed rapidly on a wide variety of energy management systems. Quick and easy to set up for benchmarking, energy audits, verification of data, and continuous measurement of results.

property developers


make a house the jetsons call home

With energy codes playing an ever greater role in home design, smart homes need to go beyond thermostats and door locks. naak’s energy management and home automation platform gives your buyers control they never had before and access to a lifestyle they will be thanking you for years to come.

commercial buildings welcome!

Commercial buildings have historically been cost prohibitive to integrate with energy management and automation measures. naak makes the benefits of preventive maintenance and real time alerts accessible to everyone. Some alerts include, leak detection, solar system failure, and energy budget overruns.

pass along lasting value to your customers

Using naak on your homes will increase their energy efficiency as well as the value of your company in the minds of buyers. By helping them understand how their home works, you are giving them confidence in knowing how their system is operating.

the missing link

If you’re already designing solar into your next project then you’ll need naak. naak protects the system you’re installing from becoming antiquated by the time the home is sold. With the rapidity of change occurring in solar, storage technology, electric vehicles, and utility tariffs naak is the missing link between today and the future.

go green without spending it

All this may sound like nice features today, but before you know it, they will be essential. Position yourself as a leader in smart building, solar, electric vehicle (EV) charging, home energy storage, and smart home automation by simply incorporating naak into future projects. The cost is minimal but the impact will be long lasting.

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